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B.A. Brand Communication
Centro: Brand Academy
Método: Presencial
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B.A. Brand Communication - Hamburgo - Alemania

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Agustin González
B.A. Brand Communication
  • Modalidad de impartición

    La modalidad de enseñanza del B.A. Brand Communication es presencial.

  • Número de horas

    Se necesitan 6 semestres para completar el curso.

  • Titulación oficial

    Se entregará el título de Bachelor of Arts.

  • Valoración del Programa

    El B.A. Brand Communication le dará las herramientas para poder dar a conocer su marca o producto mediante estrategias de comunicación y publicidad, a partir del estudio de los mercados, los consumidores, las nuevas tecnologías y las tendencias en materia comercial y comunicacional.

  • Dirigido a

    Está dirigido a todo aquel que quiera especializarse en el área de Comunicación de Marca.

  • Empleabilidad

    Al completar sus estudios, podrá ser Media Planner de diversas empresas, o trabajar en agencias de comunicación y publicidad

B.A. Brand Communication - Hamburgo - Alemania Comentarios sobre B.A. Brand Communication - Hamburgo - Alemania
B.A. Brand Communication

  • Degree: Bachelor of Arts (Government-recognised)
  • Duration of Study: 6 Semesters; Full-time
  • Semesters Abroad: Optional
  • Start: October or April of each year
  • Campus: Hamburg, Germany
  • Language: English. 1st year may be studied in German (optional)
Application Deadlines :
Applicants requiring an entry visa for Germany: June 30 / December 15
Applicants NOT requiring an entry visa: September 15 / March 15
Key Admission Requirements :
    •    Existing qualification to enter a German university or university of applied sciences.
    •    Successful interview
    •    B2-level proficiency in English, respectively B-1 if the first year is studied in German (optional).

Do you…?

    •    …want to use your communication skills to create ground-breaking advertising campaigns that convince consumers and boost brands?
    •    …seek a successful career in an agency or brand managing company?
    •    …want to learn from one of the world’s leading industrial nations?
    •    …prefer studying in a safe and attractive cosmomolitan city?
    •    …want to study in English?
Then Brand Communication is the perfect choice. And Hamburg, Germany, the perfect place to be.

Our new Bachelor’s course in Brand Communication launches in October 2017. We’ve crafted it to be your entry ticket to the world of agencies, startups and brand managing companies.

Throughout your studies, our Project Partners will test your skills and determination time and time again by asking you to solve real-life brand communication problems. Rest assured you will be challenged by some of the best Germany has to offer. Recent national Project Partners of Brand Academy include Henkel, Mercedes-Benz, Beiersdorf, Bosch and Jung v. Matt – just to name a few. German subsidiaries of foreign enterprises, such as BAT, Danone, Publicis and American Express, too, have challenged our students in the past.

To impress such demanding partners, you will have to combine your conceptional and creative talents with a thorough understanding of consumer needs. Only this combination of Logic & Magic creates communications that are relevant to consumer lives. And only relevant communications will boost the brands you are in charge of. To maximize that boost, you will have to use the entire range of contemporary channels.

If you are admitted to the Brand Communication B.A., you will definitely be following a fascinating and challenging curriculum. Chances are, you will also be working late, drinking lots of coffee (or energy drinks), and be scared of your next presentation at your Project Partner’s HQ – until its over and you’ve nailed it (again)!

By the end of the programme you will be an expert in brand communication. You will be ready for the advertising world – because you’ve been part of it since your very first day at Brand Academy.

In the first year of your studies, we will lay a solid basis consisting of the foundations of brand management and brand design, current standards in scientific work, and more. In the remaining two years of the Brand Communication B.A. curriculum, we will equip you with all you need for a successful and lasting communications career in an advertising agency, startup or brand managing company.
Of course we will teach you the latest and most useful knowledge in the field of brand communication, but we won’t stop there. We will also nurture and challenge your creative and conceptual talents. We will develop you into an opinion leader and help you organize in high-pressure situations. Not least, will show you how to be an effective team player in a truly international environment (such as ours) and how to transfer your intercultural competencies to the world of brands.
Most importantly, though, we will teach you how to apply your skills to real-life problems during a host of practical projects brought to you by our carefully selected Project Partners.
At Brand Academy, theory and practice always go hand in hand.
Course Structure:
Semester 1
    •    Foundation of Brand Management
    •    Foundations of Brand Design
    •    Foundations of Economics
    •    Business English I
    •    Standards in Scientific Work
Semester 2 .
    •    Brand Management – Strategy & Concept
    •    Media Sciences & Advertising Psychology
    •    Market Research & Trend Analysis
    •    Accounting & Financial Management
Semester 3 .
    •    Communications Management & Integrated Brand Communication
    •    Public Relations & Content Marketing
    •    HR & Project Management
    •    Business English II
Semester 4 .
    •    Media Planning & Controlling
    •    Strategic Planning in Brand Communication
    •    Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility
    •    Brand Communication
Semester 5 .
    •    International Brand Management
    •    Digital Branding
    •    Interdisciplinary Practice Project
    •    Economics in Advertising
Semester 6 .
    •    Practice Transfer Project
    •    Bachelor’s Thesis & Colloquium

Career Prospects:
The choice is yours! Our Brand Communication B.A. opens doors to advertising agencies, startups and brand managing companies alike.
Surely, most of our graduates will be using their degree – and our established network – to enter agencies as Strategic Planners, Media Planners, or Communications Consultants. They will be working long hours alongside other great talent in order to boost the brands of demanding clients. Their many projects will lead them from one product, service or industry to the next and no day will ever be the same. If they are successful, they will earn well and rise through the ranks towards the top of the agency
Some graduates will switch to the client side after an engrossing agency experience. As Communications Managers, Brand Managers, or Advertising Managers they will be responsible for planning and implementing every facet of brand communication. Others will go for entry level positions with such brand managing companies right after graduation – and be welcomed as highly competitive candidates.
While the focus of our Bachelor courses is to prepare our students for successful and lasting professional careers, they also serve as a perfect preparation and qualification for international Master’s programmes – be it at Brand Academy or elsewhere.

Course Fees:

As a leading state-recognised, privately owned university, Brand Academy is financed exclusively through course fees.

Course fees for students from Germany and the EU:
650,- Euro per month,
1.090,- Euro one-time matriculation & examination fee.

Course fees for students from countries outside the EU:
890,- Euro per month,
2.500,- Euro one-time matriculation & examination fee.

Exceptions may be made for students who already have long-term residence permits for the EU.

The Brand Communication B.A. programme starts for the first time in October 2017. After that, it can be entered each April (= winter semester) or October (= summer semester).
Application Deadlines:

  • Applicants requiring an entry visa for Germany: June 30 / December 15
  • Applicants NOT requiring an entry visa: September 15 / March 15 
Key Admission Requirements:

(1) Existing qualification to enter a German university or university of applied sciences.
(2) Successful interview.
(3) B-2 level proficiency in English, respectively B-1 if the first year is studied in German (optional).
Exceptions may apply. For instance, extensive work experience or previous academic studies in English may be considered sufficient to satisfy requirement (1) or (3). For a full list of admission requirements and details about each, please refer to the Application Form on our website.
If your application documents and the associated qualifications are considered sufficient by our Board of Examiners, you will be invited to an interview, which is usually conducted online. Among other things, you will be assessed based on your personal and social competencies, communications skills, motivation, goals, and your familiarity with the subject of study.
If your application interview is successful you will be admitted to study. You will receive the Certificate of Admission after signing the contract and your first payment. The Certificate of Admission can be used to apply for a visa, should this be necessary.
We are looking forward to welcoming you here in beautiful Hamburg, Germany!
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