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BA (Hons) Criminology & Psychology
Centro: Gisma
Método: Presencial
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BA (Hons) Criminology & Psychology - Berlín - Alemania

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Luciana Consiglio
BA (Hons) Criminology & Psychology
  • Modalidad de impartición

    El curso se imparte se manera presencial.

  • Número de horas

    La duración total del programa es de 3 años.

  • Titulación oficial

    El estudiante que concluya sus estudios del curso, obtendrá un certificado de la Universidad de Arden.

  • Valoración del Programa

    La Psicología es el estudio de la mente humana y la Criminología se centra en los crímenes. Este curso abarca y vincula las dos disciplinas analizando distintos factores y mecanismos de la mente que llevan a las personas a cometer crímenes.
    El programa de estudio es amplio, y abarca temas como leyes, sistema judicial, política organizacional, y más.
    El curso brinda una visión profunda sobre psicología del desarrollo, cognitiva, biológica y social, y los alumnos analizan con esa perspectiva distintos casos de los más reconocidos en el mundo.
    Hacia el final de la cursada, cada estudiante desarrollará su propia pieza de investigación en un área de interés que se vincule con la criminología y la psicología, supervisado por un tutor.

  • Precio del curso

    Consultar precio con la institución.

  • Dirigido a

    La propuesta se dirige a personas con interés en conocer más sobre la mente humana y el sistema criminalístico judicial de Inglaterra y Gales.

  • Empleabilidad

    Completando la cursada, el estudiante podrá desempeñarse profesionalmente en una gran variedad de carreras, que incluyen (pero no se limitan a): Recursos Humanos, Educación, Gobierno, Sistema Penitenciario, Fuerza Policial, Investigación.

BA (Hons) Criminology & Psychology - Berlín - Alemania Comentarios sobre BA (Hons) Criminology & Psychology - Berlín - Alemania
BA (Hons) Criminology & Psychology.

Course Type: Undergraduate
Career Path: Criminology / Psychology
Course Category: BA (Hons)


If the human mind and behaviour fascinate you, this course will answer any burning questions you may have about what compels certain individuals to commit crime and how society determines what exactly makes a crime. Though psychology and criminology are similar, there are also many differences. Psychology is the study of human behaviour whereas criminology focuses on crimes. This course will see you studying multiple different areas including the justice system, political policy, law, and more. This programme will allow you to delve deeper into the topics by giving you great insight into developmental, cognitive, biological and social psychology. You will also learn about the biggest case studies within this area.

You’ll get a historical recap by studying crime in society all the way back to the 1700’s and you’ll be asked to consider different models of justice. By understanding how the criminal justice system (CJS) works in England and Wales, you’ll be gaining deep knowledge on the law of the land. You will also analyse these legal processes including the discrimination that can exist in the CJS.

Towards the end of your degree you will conduct an independent piece of research into an area of your interest within criminology and psychology. You will have the support and guidance of an expert tutor who works in the field you select for this task.

Throughout this course you will be asked to consider the best methodology as well as ethics in all work that you do yourself or when researching the work of others.

Who is this programme for?

This programme is for anyone looking to understand how the criminal justice system (CJS) works in England and Wales and gain deep knowledge on the law of the land. You will analyse these legal processes including the implications of discrimination which may exist in the CJS. This is a fascinating degree that will also see you dipping into a range of different disciplines. If you have a real passion for community safety and crime prevention that you would enjoy exploring further, this is the course for you. After completing the degree, students will have the option to pursue further study in Psychology with the aim to becoming a qualified Psychologist.

Employment stats and USP’s:

- Arden University has received 4.5* for student satisfaction
- Arden has supported 50,000 higher education learners over 26 years
- 96% graduates are in employment or further study 6 months after graduation
- 79% students saw their career improve as a direct result of their studies


• AMBA Accreditation since 2011 with some triple-accredited partners which only 1% of the world’s elite business schools receive
• Programmes with top global rankings – the MIB is ranked 20th in the world by the Economist in 2017
• International student cohort with over 40 nationalities represented
• Scholarships, flexible payment plans and early-bird discounts available
• Perfect city centre locations in Berlin
• Free German classes and 100% in English

Why Germany?

1. Germany has the 2nd best unemployment rate in the EU, at 3.4%*
2. 4th Best Graduate starting salary at £40,650 in Europe, with a growing economy**
3. Germany is the most popular option for international students looking to study in Europe; It is recognised for its high-quality education and you can experience this with GISMA***.
4. Berlin, Germany’s capital is the start-up technology capital of Europe
5. Berlin is the second largest city in the EU and has a thriving business scene, offering a range of job opportunities to young professionals and graduates.
Germany is well known for its rich history in culture and arts, offering students an enriching international experience whilst combining world-class education from our globally ranked partner institutions.
**Business Insider
***According to statistics and data from ICEF monitor.

Career direction/progression:

Having completed this degree, graduates will have a wide variety of career options they can explore. These include, but are not limited to:

- Human resources
- Teaching
- Government
- Prison system
- Police force
- Research

Course Requirements

Two subjects at GCE A level or equivalent, plus passes at grade C or above in three subjects at GCSE level or equivalent; or
For non-standard entry requirements, please contact us
An English language level equivalent to IELTS 6.0 or above with a minimum of 5.5 in each component

Course Duration
: 3 years
Locations: Berlin
Intake: sep-19
Awarding body / Certified by: Arden University
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