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BA (Hons) Graphic Design
Centro: Gisma
Método: Presencial
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BA (Hons) Graphic Design - Berlín - Alemania

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Nadia Bacco
BA (Hons) Graphic Design
  • Modalidad de impartición

    El programa se dicta en forma presencial, en el campus Berlin.

  • Número de horas

    El BA se lleva a cabo en tres años.

  • Titulación oficial

    Se brinda certificado expedido por Arden University.

  • Valoración del Programa

    En este curso se busca lograr que los estudiantes desarrollen y apliquen teorías y habilidades prácticas de diseño gráfico, buscando su mayor potencial y una comunicación efectiva de ideas.

    En el programa se exploran temas como tipografía, ilustración, diseño de envases, animación, e imagen digital y analógica.

  • Dirigido a

    Los contenidos apuntan a emprendedores, estudiantes, profesionales o empresarios que busquen una formación que fusione el diseño gráfico con las habilidades en negocios.

  • Empleabilidad

    Quienes egresan adquieren herramientas en diseño gráfico esenciales para potenciar negocios y empresas con campañas gráficas de impacto.

BA (Hons) Graphic Design - Berlín - Alemania Comentarios sobre BA (Hons) Graphic Design - Berlín - Alemania
BA (Hons) Graphic Design.

Course Type: Undergraduate
Career Path: Design
Course Category: BA (Hons)


The aim of the Arden programme in BA (Hons) Graphic Design is to provide professional, multimedia training in the creative industries to be applied to a range of subjects. The programme will facilitate the development of a shared base of practical and conceptual skills, applicable to design industries, using innovative blended-learning strategies. There will be a strong focus on the ever changing industry of graphic design, acknowledging the emerging developments in the discipline. This course also aims to enable students to communicate effectively to a range of audiences through a variety of graphical languages and modes. This might take oral, written and visual forms. By the end of the three years, students will have acquired a range of professional skills that are transferable to the workplace, allowing them to respond to current and future career challenges. 

The course is structured across 3 levels, with each level tackling a different aspect of the industry for students to acquire an in depth understanding of the core principles of design. Throughout this course, you will explore a broad range of digital technologies used within the creative industries. You will also have the opportunity to enhance your knowledge of traditional mediums, such as typography, print and layout design through the use of a suite of digital mediums. You will also be encouraged to produce a broad range of industry related projects, from traditional print and web design, to animation, video and illustration.

The BA (Hons) Graphic Design course is aimed at creative thinkers who are keen to develop or apply any previous design theory and skills that they have learnt into practice. 

Programme objectives:

- This BA (Hons) Graphic Design programme is aimed at developing your understanding of the core principles of graphic design practices and their potential across a range of sectors.
- Develop the kinds of transferable skills which will enable students to respond to current and future career challenges, and changes in the field of graphic design. 
- Enable students to communicate effectively through a variety of graphical languages and modes, to specialist and non-specialist audiences. This might take oral, written and visual forms.

Modules overview:

Level 4:

• Typography and Image Creation
• Design History & Critical Thinking
• Design and Layout
• Illustration and Animation
• Design Vocabulary
• Digital & Analogue Moving Image

Level 5:

• Studio Practice I
• Studio Practice II
• Reading Images I
• Reading Images II
• Self-Promotion and Packaging I
• Visualise Concepts

Level 6:

• Self-Promotion and Packaging II
• Industry Competition Briefs
• Dissertation
• Major Project

Please note that the modules listed are indicative and may be subject to change.

Career direction/Progression – 50 words.
Once you have completed this course, you will have a range of skills that will appeal to a variety of employers. Not only could you become a Graphic Designer within a contemporary creative industry or freelance, but there are also many other opportunities for Graphic Design graduates. Some of the careers you may want to consider include publishing, advertising, branding or television graphics. 

- Begin to equip students with the skills to work professionally in graphic design and to be creative and professional practitioners, when both working independently, and when collaborating with others as part of multidisciplinary design teams.
- Provide a stimulating online academic environment in which students can develop confidence as practitioners, and as individuals who are part of a highly engaged community of learners.

Possible Course Requirements:

  • Two subjects at GCE A level or equivalent, plus passes at grade C or above in three subjects at GCSE level or equivalent; or
  • For non-standard entry requirements, please contact us
  • An English language level equivalent to IELTS 6.0 or above with a minimum of 5.5 in each component 

Course Duration: 3 years
Online: No
Campus Based: Yes
Locations: Berlin
Intake: Sep 19

Certified by: Arden University
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