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Bachelor in Fashion Management (B.A.)
Método: Presencial
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Bachelor in Fashion Management (B.A.) - Berlín - Alemania

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Liliana Díaz
Bachelor in Fashion Management (B.A.)
  • Modalidad de impartición

    La modalidad de impartición es presencial.

  • Número de horas

    Tiene una duración de 7 semestres.

  • Titulación oficial

    Al cumplir con el tiempo estipulado el estudiante obtendrá el título en Fashion Management.

  • Valoración del Programa

    El Bachelor in Fashion Management tiene como objetivo brindar conocimientos relacionados con la cadena de creación en el negocio de la moda: invención, abastecimiento de materias primas, producción, marketing, logística de distribución y comercialización; enfocándose no solamente en el aspecto teórico sino también en el práctico.

    El programa incluye un semestre en el extranjero en una de las más reconocidas escuelas de moda a nivel internacional, el Istituto Marangoni, especializado en moda y diseño, gestión de marca y mercadeo. Los docentes de amplia trayectoria en la industria de la moda brindarán los conocimientos requeridos para desenvolverse en el mercado laboral.

  • Dirigido a

    La licenciatura está enfocada en personas interesadas en la industria de la moda, en desenvolverse en ambientes creativos y desarrollar su potencial.

  • Empleabilidad

    Al completar el tiempo de estudio, los egresados serán capaces de identificar y evaluar las tendencias actuales en moda desempeñándose en agencias internacionales, editoriales de moda, con diseñadores y como emprendedores de la industria.

Bachelor in Fashion Management (B.A.) - Berlín - Alemania Comentarios sobre Bachelor in Fashion Management (B.A.) - Berlín - Alemania
Bachelor in Fashion Management (B.A.) .
  • Academic Degree: Bachelor of Arts
  • Duration of Study: 7 semesters (incl. 1 accredited semester abroad)
  • ECTS: 210
  • Starting: Winter Term
  • Location: Berlin
Unique opportunity: Hone your expertise during a practical semester at the Istituto Marangoni – The School of Fashion and Design.

“Life is a fashion show, the world is your runway.” Internationally renowned fashion designer Marc Jacobs hits the nail on the head with these words. Hardly another sector is as colourful, vibrant and international as the fashion industry. 
The days are long gone when fashion was the exclusive reserve of famous designers and models on the top catwalks in Paris, London, Milan and New York. More and more bloggers and self-styled fashionistas are influencing cutting-edge looks. Major retail chains such as H&M and Zara turn design trends around in just a matter of weeks.
The Germans spend more than 70 billion euros on fashion each year. Adidas, Zalando, Hugo Boss, NewYorker and Puma are among the world’s most successful brands. A growing number of creative young designers are turning Germany into a hub of high fashion.
Sustainability is now a key theme in fashion and making waves in the sector. C&A and Nike are currently two of the major purchasers of organic cotton worldwide. New technologies are revolutionising conventional manufacturing processes; online shops are becoming digital sensory experiences; and intelligent apps are changing our consumer behaviour.
From functional clothing to haute couture, fashion management engages with all aspects of the subject – including the creation and management of brands, sponsoring, shop design, finance, logistics and knowledge of regional and global fashion trends.
Do you love fashion, dream of working in a creative environment and want to pull the strings in the international fashion business? To market fashion labels, decipher the latest trends and create brands for the fashion tsars of the future? Do you want to study fashion? If that’s how you feel, then our bachelor’s degree in Fashion Management (B.A.) is just what you’re looking for.

Collaboration with the Istituto Marangoni private school of fashion.

Your degree in Fashion Management (B.A.) includes a semester abroad at one of our renowned international partner institutions. You will have the unique opportunity to study for a semester at the world-leading Istituto Marangoni school of fashion in London or Paris. Our partner specialises in fashion and design, brand management and marketing & management.
Fashion Management (B.A.) curriculum.

Our bachelor’s degree in Fashion Management (B.A.) provides you with the practical and theoretical training you need to get ahead in the national and international fashion business. 

You will learn about the entire value creation chain in the fashion world – from creation, sourcing raw materials and production to marketing, distribution logistics and trade. You will also study the theory and history of fashion.

Our experienced professors will provide you with the inside knowledge you require to become a fashion industry expert. 

Our partner Galileo Global Education opens the doors for our students to universities and companies in the fashion hubs of Paris and Milan.
The fashion management expertise you will acquire.

As a graduate in Fashion Management (B.A.), you will be able to quickly identify and evaluate fashion trends. 
Your Fashion Management (B.A.) will open the doors of the fashion industry’s companies and specialist agencies – including those of international and regional ladies’ and gents’ fashion manufacturers, online portals, department stores, retail chains and trade fair, events, casting and photographic agencies. Or it might lead into fashion and lifestyle magazine management. As a qualified fashion manager, you will have acquired core business skills and know how to analyse target groups’ needs, to evaluate trends, and to create and develop brands.

We have developed a broad and carefully harmonised curriculum. Our university equips you with social and professional skills and the ability to work scientifically and methodically. You will acquire an impressive portfolio of professional expertise while studying for your Fashion Management (B.A.), encompassing:
  • German and international fashion industry
  • Purchasing and production logistics
  • Materials science and production techniques
  • Developing and assessing a collection
  • Retail experience and presentation aspects at point of sale
  • Retail touchpoints analysis, design and synchronisation
  • E-commerce and customer relationship management
  • Fashion brand management and marketing
  • Fashion communications and journalism
  • History of fashion
Practical course focus.

A firm practical focus lies at the heart of all courses at Macromedia University. A well-maintained network of more than 500 industry partners assists with practical projects on this bachelor’s course. This is your chance to apply and round off in reality the knowledge you have learned in the classroom. 
Our projects portal offers a taste of our partnerships with the fashion industry’s top companies. These include Adidas, Benetton, Escada and numerous TV broadcasters, advertising agencies and publishers. Our student advisers will gladly provide you with all the relevant details. 
Our professors will guide you through the entire Fashion Management (B.A.) course and provide you with practical experience in all aspects of the profession. They run exciting projects for students to try out course content in an authentic practical context. You will benefit from this hands-on experience during your later professional career. 
Fully accredited semester abroad.

At Macromedia University, we send our students out into the real, wide world. You will spend one semester studying at one of our renowned international partner institutions and earn fully accredited 30 ECTS points towards your final degree in the process. For instance, you can study at the world-leading Istituto Marangoni school of fashion in London or Paris as part of your Fashion Management (B.A.). The curriculum abroad is tailored to our own Fashion Management (B.A.) course. Thus the semester abroad forms an integral part of your course, and you will be supported by our professors throughout. During this semester you will make valuable contacts, gain experience of living abroad and perhaps even make friends for life. You will pick up a new language (or polish one you already know) and learn how to navigate in unfamiliar cultures with different mentalities. 
Our blog from abroad reveals what our students experience and get up to.

Graduates’ career prospects.

Your bachelor’s degree in Fashion Management (B.A.) qualifies you for a professional role in the fashion industry. Prospective employers include international fashion agencies, broadcasters, publishing houses and household names in the fashion industry. Graduates start out in a range of positions, such as: 
  • Fashion brand manager
  • Product manager
  • Customer relationship manager
  • Retail marketing manager
  • Fashion retail manager
  • Purchaser
  • Flagship store manager
  • Fashion sponsoring
The direct path from Bachelor’s to Master’s.

The option exists to add a Macromedia University master’s degree straight onto your seven-semester Fashion Management (B.A.). The 210 ECTS points you earn with your bachelor’s degree meet the formal admission requirements for our three-semester master’s programme. We recommend:
  • Master’s in Brand Management
  • Master’s in Media and Communications Management
Your benefits at Macromedia University.
  • Top position in CHE Ranking 2014/15*
  • Small classes with intensive, individual supervision
  • Globally recognised, state-approved degrees, accredited by FIBAA
  • Campuses in Munich and Berlin: Top 6 and Top 9 of the “Best Student Cities 2017” worldwide**
  • Authentic, practice-oriented projects
  • Highly qualified professors and industry insiders as lecturers
  • International students
  • Career perspective in Germany
  • Buddy network for international students
  • Programmes entirely in English
  • Campus locations situated in Germany’s industrial centres
  • International network of Partner Universities
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