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Bachelor in International Marketing Management
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Bachelor in International Marketing Management - Bad Honnef - Alemania

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Nadia Bacco
Bachelor in International Marketing Management
  • Modalidad de impartición

    La formación se imparte de manera presencial.

  • Número de horas

    La cursada conlleva seis semestres.

  • Titulación oficial

    Al finalizar los estudios, los estudiantes reciben el Bachelor in International Marketing Management.

  • Valoración del Programa

    Durante los seis semestres de cursada, los alumnos son capacitados en conceptos teóricos, así como en actividades prácticas, relacionadas a la actividad del marketing a nivel internacional.

    Dentro de las materias que ellos ven, destacamos algunas como microeconomía, leyes internacionales, macroeconomía, problemas actuales en marketing. admisnitración financiera. ventas, distribución y comunicación en marketing.

  • Dirigido a

    Los contenidos dictados se recomiendan a personas afines al área, ya sea a nivel profesional o laboral, que requieran una formación específica en marketing internacional.

  • Empleabilidad

    Los estudiantes que concluyen el programa son aptos para desarrollar campañas de marketing internacional.

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Bachelor in International Marketing Management - Bad Honnef - Alemania Comentarios sobre Bachelor in International Marketing Management - Bad Honnef - Alemania
Bachelor International Marketing Management.

  • Degree: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
  • Semester: 6 semesters
  • ECTS: 210 ECTS
  • Course language: English
  • Study type: full-time, on campus
  • Intake: Spring & Autumn
  • Campus: Bad Honnef

Overview :

Inspire the community with marketing!

Whether in an agency, a consulting firm, a marketing department within a company or directly with an internet service provider – creative marketing specialists are in high demand everywhere. This means that virtually every company – nationally and internationally – is a potential employer for you. This sector, particularly in the digital economy, is growing steadily and consequently offers great career prospects.

The International Marketing Management degree programme has a business administration focus, and is at the same time practice oriented and of high topical importance: Case studies, group projects, field trips and an integrated internship ensure direct practical relevance.

Facts & Figures :
International Marketing Management

Degree: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Duration: 6 semesters
Credits: 180 ECTS
Language: English
Type of study: full-time
Internship: 1 semester in Germany or abroad
Study abroad: 1 semester (optional, performance-related)
Campus: Bad Honnef
Intake: Spring & Autumn

Why should I study International Marketing Management at IUBH?

    International campus with students and professors from more than 85 nations

    Theory & practice
    Theory and practice closely linked through case studies, projects, certificates and internships

    Lectures in English and intensive exchanges with professors and fellow students

    Top-class network of industry contacts for internships and careers at home and abroad

    Small groups
    Instruction in small groups given by lecturers with track records of practical experience

    Specialisation options in pioneering fields, for example online marketing

    Unique study programme with a high rate of recognition in the industry

Comprehensive application-oriented knowledge from the fields of marketing, communication and sales

Set your personal focus:

During your studies, you can chose one of the following specialisations:

  • Online Marketing 
  • Communication 
  • Sales

What are the professional prospects as an Marketing Manager ?

University graduates with relevant knowledge in the area of marketing are sought after virtually everywhere: in agencies, companies from every sector that operate nationally and internationally, and consulting firms.

Course content :

Order of study - Overview

1st semester

  •     Statistics
  •     Academic Research I
  •     Marketing
  •     Human Resources
  •     Service Operations & Organisation
  •     Intercultural Communication
  •     Service Project Management
  •     Financial Accounting

2nd semester

  •     Business & Marketing Research
  •     Consumer Psychology & Behaviour
  •     Organisational Behaviour
  •     Financial Management
  •     Management & Cost Accounting
  •     Mathematics
  •     Computer Analysis

3rd semester

  •     Macroeconomics
  •     Microeconomics
  •     German Law
  •     International Law
  •     Pricing
  •     Sales & Distribution
  •     Marketing Communications
  •     Current Issues in Marketing

4th semester

  • Internship in Germany or Abroad

5th semester

  •     Business Communication
  •     Business & Marketing Research
  •     Marketing Controlling
  •     Customer Relationship Marketing

    Specialisations (excerpt):
  •     Communication
  •     Online Marketing
  •     Sales

or: optional Semester Abroad

6th semester

  •     Entrepreneurship & New Venture Management
  •     Strategic Marketing Management
  •     Academic Research II
  •     International Marketing Project
Bachelor Thesis & Colloquium

The curriculum covers various core elements:

General business management
  • accounting, law, microeconomics and macroeconomics as well as mathematics and statistics
  • different management approaches and distribution methods
  • in-depth understanding and assessment of business correlations

Industry-specific know-how
  • detailed knowledge about specific management topics – human resource management, project management and market research
  • practical marketing topics –customer behaviour, budgeting, campaign planning, international marketing communication, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and marketing strategy

Additional qualifications
  • organisation theory and intercultural training
  • fundamentals of scientific work
  • communication training
  • computer applications

Studies abroad
  • the one semester spent studying abroad at one of our partner universities is an optional component of the course and depends on your study performance
  • training of foreign language skills
  • practical experience abroad – academic, personal and intercultural

The courses are held in lecture and seminar format. There are about 30 students per class – this encourages dialogue between professors and students.

Practical semester

Thanks to the internship integrated by the IUBH in your studies, you have the opportunity of trying out your academic knowledge outside the classroom. 
You will also get to know the industry and its various specialisations – the perfect basis for your career choice.

  • You can spend your internship in Germany or abroad
  • The internship lasts a whole semester
  • Forge your first contacts in industry
  • Include the internship as an important element in your CV
  • Make the most of the opportunity of being taken on after graduation by a company from our industry network

Extra Curriculum

Another opportunity to gain practical experience: Extra Curriculum is an optional component of the study programme, and is offered during the first semester. 

The programme contains the following:

  • Workshops and conferences on and off campus on a variety of topics
  • Guest lectures by experts from industry and from the aviation sector
  • Excursions to industry-specific companies, for example destination agencies or airports
  • Students are awarded a certificate for regular attendance – for their CVs

Extra Curriculum gives you additional orientation and insight into the structures of the industry from the very first semester. This is your opportunity to get to know the various forms of business organisation – and thus perhaps also your own future area of specialisation – at first hand.

Semester abroad

Students with strong academic performance can optionally spend a semester abroad at one of our partner universities (in-house selection process).

Career :

Your career prospects in International Marketing Management

Our graduates from the field of marketing are in demand practically everywhere: in agencies, consultancies or in companies operating at national and international level.
Possible employers:

  •     Marketing agencies
  •     Business consulting
  •     PR agencies
  •     Market research

One of the sectors of the economy that is growing fastest is the digital economy: in the years from 2008 to 2014, sales of data services, apps, e-commerce and web content rose by over 40 per cent – and this growth is continuing. Experts as well as newcomers with university degrees and knowledge in the online marketing sector in particular are in great demand.

The graduates of the IUBH School of Business and Management are in high demand among national and international companies. Thanks to the annual "Career Days" recruiting fair, you can make valuable contacts on the campus of the University to improve your career prospects.

Fees :

During the optional semester abroad tuition fees are paid to the IUBH – plus any differences in amount resulting from the tuition fees of our partner universities. This is dependent on the respective university and may vary.
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