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Selinus University is an international corporation, which has granted a global licence to Uniselinus Europe ltd in London (UK) for the distribution of its distance learning programmes.

As a company under international law, it distributes its programmes exclusively through distance learning in over 70 countries worldwide. The programmes are reserved for adult students, with a minimum age of 30 years. To enter the PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) by Research programme, a Master's degree or equivalent is required. For the Bachelor and Master levels, it is possible to take regular courses with examinations (reports) while with at least 5 years of professional experience, it is possible to take APEL courses (Accreditation Prior Experiential Learning), a methodology of student evaluation that transforms previous studies, professional experience, skills, into academic credits.

Selinus University, in order to maintain the necessary flexibility of an institution for adult learners and to use APEL, has preferred to remain a free and private international institution. Selinus University is not a governmental institution and does not award state diplomas. Its accreditations come from private accreditation bodies, whose standards are determined by their internal legal systems. Recognition of degrees awarded by Selinus University, by institutions, public and private companies, multinationals, NGOs, employers in general, is discretionary.

A degree obtained at Selinus University should coincide with the approach of professional use in the international field or career advancement towards medium-high level positions in national and multinational companies and organisations.

Selinus University is accredited by AAHEA, AHQSE, WCRDE, QAHE. It is also a member of many international educational institutions. The PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) by Research programme is globally accredited by the WCI (World Certification Institute) in Washington DC. Selinus University is accredited by the University of California (CUFCE) for the award of the equivalent of the US double degree.

Convencida de la importancia fundamental del valor de cada individuo y de su experiencia práctica, en la vida y en el mundo del trabajo, la Selinus university admite en sus cursos sólo a candidatos que tengan una excelente preparación básica en su campo y que puedan demostrar que han trabajado profesionalmente a un alto nivel durante al menos tres años.

Histórico de cursos de Selinus University of Science and Literature:

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