Università LUMSA.

There are many reasons for choosing LUMSA University, among the most important: ever since it was established, LUMSA's main focus has been on the individual. The training courses are built around the students, to respond to their study requirements and prepare them for the world of work, not neglecting the importance of human aspects. The relationships the students have with teachers and other University staff are based on listening and mutual exchange. The services provided by the University are designed to help students focus on learning, personal development and making the right career choices.

The LUMSA teaching staff are highly trained and always open to discussion with students, to assist them along the path to greater understanding and offer advice on organising their studies or making career choices. The results are clear to see from student satisfaction figures, with LUMSA achieving levels above the national average (84.5% compared to 76.5%).  
An environment that offers students advice and a friendly welcome, even before they enrol. The dedicated Welcome Office and the teaching staff explain the structure and content of our degree programs and talk about life in the LUMSA community.

Studying at LUMSA means also the possibility to access a series of scholarships.

The teaching and services we provide help students to complete their studies in the projected timescale; the University's overall results on this point remain above the national average (64.9% compared to 46.75) which gives students a head start in preparing for employment.

Master y Cursos del Centro

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