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Curso: English for Spanish Professionals with Business Activities in English Speaking Countries - En línea

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    Curso: English for Spanish Professionals with Business Activities in English Speaking Countries

    certifica: structuralia-kaplan

    Horas online: 40    
    Inscripción: $MXN 5.300    
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    Structuralia, as the Spanish branch of Kaplan, the global provider of educational services, recognises the demand for Spanish Professionals for access to a preparatory course in advance of overseas business visits to practice listening, speaking and writing in English.

    We present a strictly business content to the subjects used which makes the exercises more interesting to participants as well as enlarging their understanding of overseas business practices.

    It is always the intention of Structuralia to direct their courses towards their students.

    In the case of Overseas Business Activities we can provide a tailor-made content for each individual, a content individually selected according to the activity and management level of the Professional.

    To participate in these courses you are requested to complete a document which indicates your language and business needs. The information provided to the Structuralia experts enables them to set a specific programme for completion.

    The course content includes:

    1. Reference to Contract Conditions and associated Handbooks.

    2. Examples of Contract Documentation, Drawings, Specifications, standard forms, Method Statements, etc.

    3. Structure and Responsibilities of contracting parties.

    4. Access to local conditions.

    5. Practical advice on Living Abroad.

    •     A brief history of Spanish company activity in Overseas Projects
    •     Company commercial Strategy for Overseas Activities
    •     Initial Stages for Preparing an Overseas Commercial Strategy
    •     Initial Country Visits
    •     Actions prior to preparing a Project ProposalActions required to prepare a Project Proposal (PP)
    •     The Project Proposals Analysis by the Client


    The course is set up by Mr. David Oliver, a British Civil Engineer with more than 40 years experience in many overseas and international positions. He is a qualified Ingeniero de Caminos, Member of the Association for Project Management, has held management positions with Laing S.A., INITEC, Bovis, Gerens Hill, Acciona, and has participated in singular projects such as Tehran Tabriz Railway (Iran), Ford Motor Factory Valencia, Puerto Plata tourism infrastructure (Dominican Republic), Expo 92 Seville, Sohar General Hospital Oman, Barajas Airport Terminal building Madrid, Plaza Norte Commercial Centre Alcobendas Madrid.


    The course timescale is set to fit the Professionals needs in 2 months (40 hours online).

    During these periods the Professional will have access on-line with the Tutor, to receive guidance on relative matters and answer queries. The course includes 6 hours of virtual classes.

    Structuralia provides Tutors, native English speakers, and construction specialists with wide overseas direct experience and an understanding of the Spanish construction practices.

    Who is this course for?

    The course attracts Professionals with a conversation capacity in English who wish to be confident with business activities and negotiation where English is the common language.

    Course Objectives

    The objectives of this course are described below:

    - To enrich the student's vocabulary.
    - Increase fluency in oral expression.
    - Prepare students for real situations in negotiation and business.In short, the fundamental objective of the course is to increase their self-confidence when faced with the daily tasks that require domain knowledge or English.

    Texts and dialogues facilitate student immersion in the language and serve as a support for learning structures and specific business vocabulary essential to implement the language.

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