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Florencia Costa

Florencia Costa

International Master Online in Arts and Culture Management

  • Modalidad de impartición
    El International Master Online in Arts and Culture Management se realiza de manera Online.
  • Número de horas
    Consultar con el centro.
  • Titulación oficial
    Rome Business School otorga título oficial a los alumnos que culminen el programa.
  • Valoración del programa
    El International Master Online in Arts and Culture Management es un programa de formación diseñado para proporcionar a los participantes las habilidades y conocimientos necesarios para gestionar proyectos en el ámbito de la cultura y las artes a nivel internacional. Este programa aborda una amplia gama de temas relacionados con la gestión cultural, incluyendo: Estrategias para promover eventos, exposiciones, espectáculos y actividades culturales. Gestión de presupuestos, búsqueda de financiación, elaboración de propuestas para obtener patrocinios y subvenciones. Desarrollo de habilidades de liderazgo, gestión de equipos y recursos humanos en el ámbito cultural, y Análisis de políticas culturales a nivel internacional, comprensión de marcos legales y regulaciones relacionadas con la cultura y las artes.
  • Dirigido a
    El International Master Online in Arts and Culture Management está dirigido a profesionales del ámbito de la gestión cultural, artistas, gestores culturales, administradores de organizaciones artísticas y culturales, así como a personas interesadas en adquirir conocimientos en la gestión y administración de proyectos culturales y artísticos a nivel internacional.
  • Empleabilidad
    Al finalizar el Master, los estudiantes podrán desenvolverse en cargos como Gestor cultural, Administrador de proyectos culturales, Consultor cultural, Curador de arte y Gestor de eventos culturales.

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  • Contenido
    International Master Online in Arts and Culture Management.

    The International Online Master in Arts and Culture Management aims to build managerial key competences to manage and lead creative organizations, cultural events and art products, communicate impactful cultural brands and stand out as innovative, creative and responsible leaders in the global Arts and Culture Industry.

    Formula: International
    Method: Online
    Language: English

    International Online Master in Arts and Culture Management Overview
    The master’s program is designed to train and develop managers and professionals destined to assume leadership roles in the international arts and culture field. The program aims to introduce and foster an understanding of the concepts, principles and techniques of cultural management, highlighting effective strategies to address current challenges in the arts and culture sector.

    The training provides extensive exposure to companies and professionals in the field. You will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through company visits and participation in lectures with experts from the arts world, including representatives from relevant institutions such as UNESCO, the Rome Opera House, the National Gallery of Modern Art, the MAXXI Museum and others.

    Learning Outcomes.
    Identify the tools and techniques involved in a successful cultural management strategy.
    Develop extensive skills in tools and techniques used in managing effectively cultural organizations.
    Apply management skills and concepts when writing a business plan for cultural companies.
    Analyse qualitative and quantitative data from cultural and creative industries for market research.
    Evaluate the alignment of the business plan with the organization’s strategy and competitive international environment. 

    Shape your professional path through 4 pillars:

    Real link with companies
    An international network of companies’ partners to help young and senior professional in building their careers and RBS to create the better learning experience possible, thanks to Business Practice LAB, Company visits, in class exercises and exclusive lecturers.

    Rome Business School is proudly the most international business school in Italy, being able to immerse our students in a stimulating environment, thanks to our international faculty, our exclusive Bootcamps in Silicon Valley, Barcelona, Paris, Rome and Tuscany and mixed ethnicity in our classes.

    Professional Impact
    Our higher purpose is to build managers and leaders. For this reason, we’ve built our Masters around our student’s professional and personal growth, providing different service and experiences, just like our Career Service, multiple company meetings, Company Shadowing, Individual Coaching sessions and a soft skills program.

    Higher Purpose
    Following our motto, Better Managers for a Better World, an entire section of our Masters is fully dedicated to higher purpose in business, Corporate Social Responsibility and creation of a sustainable approach and mindset to business

    Why choose our International Online Master in Arts and Culture Management?
    Business in Action
    Business Practice Lab in partnership with MAXXI Museum: Meet the Managers, do a Hands-on class and get on a task. Create a fundraising campaign, walk in the shoes of a Museum Curator, learn how to buy exhibits, arrange restoration of artifacts.

    Experience Opportunities: Practice event management for the CONNEXION Arts Festival, powered by Rome Business School. Learn how to manage a Theater at Teatro dell'Opera di Roma.
    Invitation to participate at discounted price at online art conferences such as the Future of Theater online conference organized by the prestigious magazine ‘’THE STAGE’’ in UK: Future of Theater | Digital Theater Conference from The Stage - Event.

    Think Big & Go Global.
    Choose among 4 continents and 9 International Bootcamps in Rome, Tuscany, Paris, Barcelona, Nigeria, Qatar, London, China, Silicon Valley (US), and Gran Tour of Italy. An immersive and stimulating experience, focused on the topics of the business world. The Bootcamp in Rome is included in the fee.

    Leadership Program.
    Improve your soft skills with the Leadership Program which is designed to be a path towards self-discovery, empowerment, and reinvention, enabling participants to become leaders of the future.

    Career Impact.
    +22% Salary Increase on average, after 1 year of completing the Master. They work in prestigious companies in the Arts & Culture Sector such as GUGGENHEIM, Gruppo Jobel, Teatro dell'Opera di Roma, Galleria Cosmo, Leonardo da Vinci Museum Experience.

    FLEXON Online Disruptive Learning Model – Learning through collaborative learning. Digital pills, weekly wrap ups, forum discussions, team work, direct feedback and much more all structured in a flexible learning path. ​Study following live lectures in streaming on our digital platform plus at your own peace following lectures uploaded daily and available on demand.

    International Online Master in Arts and Culture Management:
    The master gives a great exposure to companies and industry professionals. Students will be doing an experiential journey such as: company visits, guest lectures with professionals from the arts world such as: UNESCO, Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, MAXXI Museum and others. ​

    Develop core managerial skills to strenght: communication, management and art market skills
    During the first module of the International Master in Arts and Culture Management, students will learn how to:

    Managerial Economics
    This module aims to prepare students by providing them with the essentials of entrepreneurship and business planning.
    Entrepreneurship and Business Planning
    With this module, the managerial skills required to understand a Business Plan and its structure will be developed.

    Business Strategy
    Through this module, students will know how to understand the long-term direction and strategy of a company, and will be able to identify the strategic business units of organizations.

    Accounting & Budgeting
    This module is aimed at students understanding the importance of financial management and control principles, with key indicators such as ROI, EBIT, GAAP.

    Project & Operations Management
    With this module, students will be able to manage projects, examine data and information, and have a diagnostic approach in solving problems.
    Marketing: Traditional and Digital
    Students will learn the application of marketing principles in organizational decision making.

    Human Resource Management
    This subject area focuses on strategic human resource issues such as workforce acquisition, development, motivation and retention.

    Data Analytics ​for Managers
    This course is designed to equip students with the basic knowledge needed to analyze and interpret large sets of data, to make effective business decisions and strategies.

    Get Into Focusing and Specializing.

    Sharpen your leadership potential by leading cultural & creative industries & cultural institutions
    During the second module of the International Master in Arts and Culture Management ​, students will learn how to:

    1) The Art of Managing International Arts & Culture:
    •Arts and Culture Management in the Global Era​
    •Social & Economic Impact of the Arts & Culture ​

    2) Management of Cultural and Creative Industries​:
    •Cultural Heritage Management powered by UNESCO​
    •Music Industry and Artist Management ​
    •Filming industry: from the Idea to Production​
    •Publishing Industry Management ​
    •Commercial Arts-Adv & Design Industry Management ​
    •Web Series Management in the Digital Age ​

    3) Management of Cultural Institutions:​
    •Cultural Event Management ​
    •Museum Management ​
    •Theater Management ​
    •Performing Arts Consultancy​

    4) Entrepreneurship in the Arts:​
    •Art Galleries Management ​
    •Visual Arts Consultancy​
    •Creative Entrepreneurship

    Being an innovative and responsible leader.

    Creative entrepreneurship, digital crypto art & new tendencies
    During the third module of the International Master in Arts and Culture Management ​, students will learn how to:

    5) Legal and Economic Perspectives of Arts & Culture​:
    •Business and the Law of Arts​
    •Fundraising and Crowdfunding in the Arts​

    6) Innovation & Creativity in the Arts: ​
    •Arts Markets: New trends and tendencies​
    •Digital, Crypto, and AI Arts ​
    •Education, Digital Technology, Meta Design and Arts ​
    •Better Managers for a Better World: Corporate Social Responsibility
    •Business Ethics and CSR 

    Leadership Program.

    5 Interactive Courses to Improve Your Soft Skills
    Soft skills are personal attributes that can affect relationships, communication, and interaction with others, which are crucial for business success and effective leadership in the high-tech world and digital transformation in which we live. None of the new technology and innovation can be applied without proper leadership. The Leadership Program is a path towards self-discovery, empowerment and reinvention, enabling participants to become leaders of the future. The program is practice-based, consisting of 5 interactive courses, including a self-assessment test, role plays and quizzes.

    Communication & Persuasion in the Digital Age
    Team Work Effectiveness
    Agile Leadership
    Negotiation & Conflict Management
    Emotional Intelligence


    Why Electives?
    The goal of Rome Business School is to develop future managers, entrepreneurs, and professionals who are ready to capitalize on the benefits of digitalization, go global, and have a positive impact on society.

    Electives are ideal tools for students to improve their employability by focusing on high-demand skills. ​

    Electives assist students in carving out a niche for themselves and becoming more competitive.
    Electives expose students to courses they might not have encountered otherwise.
    Electives provide a one-of-a-kind curriculum that fosters life and career skills. ​
    Elective courses are organized in 5 main areas of interest:
    ​Innovation & Growth
    Tech & Digitalization
    Industry Business Excellence
    International Business
    Global Electives with RBS School partners

    Business in Action.
    Practice Lab | In partnership with

    Rome Business School Practice Lab is the place where theoretical concepts are put in practice and participants learn through experience. The Lab is run by MAXXI managers who will examine different specialist knowledge, work on exercises and network, while sharing their experience and expertise with the students. This Lab is entirely run by MAXXI managers with whom you will create strategy to guide customers through the customer’s journey of MAXXI.

    Capstone Project.
    At the end of your educational experience, you will have the chance to prove your abilities by tackling a real business challenge. Use your talent to identify opportunities and create a truly innovative strategy.

    Tackle a real company challenge. You can choose to be part of a small team and design a Marketing plan for a new business or develop a strategy to increase online sales or create a loyalty offering for different generation.

    You will be given two case studies from two real companies that will allow you to test your knowledge learnt during the master’s course.

    Rome Business School International Bootcamps experiences.
    There’s the opportunity to experience an intensive and fully immersive business experience during a week, facing challenges, dealing with managers, students and lecturers, and creating your own project that will be presented at the end of the Bootcamp Experience.

    In the online master’s course, the bootcamp in Rome is included in the fee

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