Master in European Business- MEB

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Pablo Nieves

Pablo Nieves

Master in European Business- MEB

  • Modalidad de impartición
    El Master in European Business tiene una modalidad de impartición presencial.
  • Número de horas
    La duración de este máster es de un año, que se reparte en dos semestres a ser vistos en países distintos.
  • Titulación oficial
    Cumplidos todos los requisitos se obtendrá el Máster in European Business.
  • Valoración del programa
    La finalidad de ESCP Europe con el Máster in European Business (MEB) es facilitarle a los estudiantes su ingreso a la vida laboral e incrementar las fortalezas de su perfil, agregando a sus primeros estudios una capacitación multicultural y de elevado nivel, para ser directores de empresas de nivel internacional.
  • Precio del curso
    Consultar precio.
  • Dirigido a
    Este programa se dirige especialmente a aquellos que tengan título universitario, manejen con suficiencia el inglés, y cuenten con conocimientos satisfactorios del idioma del país en donde van a cursar el primer semestre.
  • Empleabilidad
    Se pueden desempeñar en compañias de alto nivel, tanto comerciales como bancarias, y cubrimiento mundial en cargos relacionados con consultoría, marketing o finanzas.
  • Salario esperado
    Al terminar con éxito este máster, se puede empezar a recibir un salario superior a los 12,000 MX$.

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  • Contenido
    Master in European Business- MEB.

    The ESCP Europe Master in European Business (MEB) is an intensive general management programme taught over 1 year across 2 countries of your choice. Based on an MBA-style curriculum with a cross-cultural approach, the MEB is a life-changing programme which concludes with a business degree at an international level.

    Open to young professionals with some professional experience (from 2 to 6 on average), with a diversity of educational backgrounds, professional experiences and nationalities, the MEB provides an excellent connection to the world of business and a solid foundation for an international management career across a wide range of sectors, organisations and positions.

    Over one year (divided into two semesters), students are given the choice of studying in Europe at the six ESCP Europe campuses (Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Torino and Warsaw) and with our partner institutions across the world: School of Management, Xiamen University (China); Beijing Foreign Studies University (China) and Management Development Institute (India).

    The MEB offers the opportunity to learn about business reality and professional behaviour in an international and multicultural context. Students receive a comprehensive education in the major fields of management, such as marketing, finance, accounting, leadership, strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship. They work in groups from different educational backgrounds and nationalities, fostering their personal development and intercultural skills at the same time.

    The MEB combines theory and practice, with integral parts of the programme being live company projects, during which teams of students are briefed by a corporate client and provide solutions and proposals therein; and a professional experience (internship or direct employment), where students work for a minimum of 12 weeks within a company and write a professional final report.


    18,900 €


    Applications for the Master in European Business are welcomed from candidates with:

    A previous Bachelor or Master degree, Maîtrise, Licenciatura, Laurea Magistrale or equivalent in any discipline (e.g. engineering, law, political sciences, literature, languages, architecture, sciences, communication, etc.)

    Fluency in the language(s) of study, as required by the individually chosen study track

    A minimum of two years of professional experience (average 2 to 6)

    Eligible candidates must demonstrate their strong motivation for the MEB programme and for an international business career. We seek self-confident candidates with some international experience and competence in the languages of their chosen streams.


    ESCP Europe values high quality education and we are dedicated to helping our students finance their studies in order to achieve their goals.

    The Master in European Business offers two types of scholarships based on both merit and financial need. For more information on these, please contact your local MEB Admissions Coordinator.

    Applications for the financial-need scholarship are only available to students already enrolled on to the programme.

    Scholarships are also available from other bodies:

    CROUS (students' welfare office) scholarships: Students benefiting from CROUS scholarships can continue to receive this scholarship on the MEB.

    Deutsch-Französische Hochschule/Université Franco-allemande: Available to students on the Paris/Berlin or Berlin/Paris study tracks. This scholarship offers financial support amounting to a maximum of €1,350.

    The Torino campus grants several scholarships, based on merit and financial need, which are funded by Compagnia di San Paolo and the Torino Chamber of Commerce. These cover 50% of the MEB fees.

    The Berlin campus grants a scholarship of around €2,000 to candidates based on their European exposure and motivation, the so-called Europastipendium. To be awarded this scholarship, students must study the MSc track at the Berlin campus.
    Bursaries are also available through Postgrad Solutions. For more information, please visit their website. You can also read more about Amy Taylor, who won a bursary in 2010, and Pooja Thaker, who won a bursary in 2012.

    We run two scholarship initiatives with Fundación Beca:

    A worlwide competition for teams of students/graduates, with the prizes being scholarships for postgraduate programmes. The top prize is a scholarship for a one-year programme such as the MEB.

    Fundación Beca provide pre-candidates for the MEB via their own promotional activities. Students admitted to the MEB through this scheme can be awarded small scholarships to cover transportation and living expenses (available to Latin American students only).


    The Master in European Business is an ESCP Europe degree, accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA) in the category of Masters in Business and Management (MBM).

    MEB students can also obtain the Master degree or the German Master of Science (MSc).

    • The Master degree is awarded by the French Ministry of Education, to all MEB students holding a 4-year degree (240 ECTS credits) wherever they study.

    • The German Master of Science (MSc) is delivered by the Berlin Senat and the German Ministry of Education and Research. Students have to study an additional term in Berlin (3 modules and a Master thesis (30 ECTS credits). These modules take place at the Berlin campus in English after Semester 2 (September to December) and before the professional experience requirement.

    Please note that this extended track is highly recommended to students holding a 3-year Bachelor.

    Gaining Double Degrees with our International Partners:

    If you choose to study with our international partners, it is possible to gain a national degree in addition to the ESCP Europe MEB. These options are:

    • Postgraduate Diploma in International Management (DIM): Students spending their first semester at MDI Gurgaon (India) and the 2nd at ESCP Europe will receive this degree upon completion of additional academic requirements.

    MEB students also can choose to take an extra semester at MDI to continue the programme of PGPIM from August 2016 to February 2017. Students having successfully completed all PGPIM requirements will receive the Post-Graduate Diploma in International Management delivered by MDI. The Diploma is recognized by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) and is equivalent to an MBA degree awarded by an Indian University.

    • Certificate programme in International Management is delivered by theSchool of Management at Xiamen University for students spending one semester in China.

    • Certificate in International Business is delivered by the International Business School at Beijing Foreign Studies University for students having successfully met all MEB programme requirements (Semester 1 at MIB BFSU + Semester 2 at MEB ESCP Europe).


    All students must a four month internship (minimum) at the end of their programme. In each of our campuses we have a Corporate Relations Office that helps students reach their career goals, posts all internship and job offers, as well as organizes workshops to prepare an effective interview, on how to do a professional CV, etc.


    The School's 45,000-strong alumni network counts members from 200 nationalities. Together with its long-standing relationships with national and multinational companies, this network allows ESCP Europe to provide unique career opportunities on an international scale.

    The aspiration of ESCP Europe is the credo of Europe: to remain faithful to its humanistic values while at the same time anticipating the new ways of the world.

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