Master in Human Resources and Talent Development

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Nadia Bacco

Nadia Bacco

Master in Human Resources and Talent Development

  • Modalidad de impartición
    El Máster se dicta de manera presencial.
  • Número de horas
    Consultar al centro.
  • Titulación oficial
    Tras concluir los estudios, se entrega el Master in Human Resource & Talent Development.
  • Valoración del programa
    Este programa pone en primer lugar la importancia que ha adquirido el desarrollo del talento humano, así como la elección de óptimos recursos de este tipo, para el desarrollo de un negocio o empresa. El temario se constituye en cinco módulos completos y actualizados, que abarcan temas como liderazgo, salud y bienestar laboral, capital humano y gestión, desarrollo de personas, y gestión del talento, entre otras.
  • Dirigido a
    El Máster se dirige a profesionales y directivos vinculados a áreas de recursos y talento humano.
  • Empleabilidad
    Al egresar, los alumnos pueden acceder a mejores empleos dentro del campo de estudios.

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  • Contenido
    Master in Human Resources and Talent Development.

    Formato: Full Time
    Modalidad: On campus
    Duración / Créditos: 12 months / 70 ECTS
    Idioma: English
    Campus: BCN


    The Master in Human Resources and Talent Development equips professionals to transform the department that connects and works with all the other areas of a company, and which takes charge of managing its most important asset: the people. During this Master, you will learn that the workplace must be underpinned by an ecosystem of wellbeing, success and professional development, which requires a change of model from the traditional HR management approach. The people that make up the company are the heart of its strategy and management. As such, they are the driving force behind the company’s competitive advantage. EAE’s Full-Time Master in Human Resources and Talent Development enables you to design people-centred strategies as a key factor of business success.  

    The Master in Human Resources and Talent Development is designed to equip professionals to respond and innovate to tackle emerging needs and challenges from the perspective of talent acquisition, development and retention. We train leaders who embrace change and transformation, design people-centred strategies that contribute towards the company’s goals, incorporate and manage new technologies and their impact in the company, and drive forward development of talent to achieve its full potential. As a result, as an HR professional, you become an agent to lead change in organizations.  

    This Master is designed for young professionals with between two and five years’ professional experience who want to focus their career towards the area of HR and talent management. Over the course of a year in a full-time in-person format, the participants on the Master have the option of choosing between the Madrid Campus in the October intake or at the Barcelona Campus in the October or April intake. The program has official status with a double qualification at both campuses. The participants are linked to the academic and business worlds through the faculty, the EAE community and activities that are organized throughout the year. 

    In a year of absolute transformation you will cover everything from the foundations of HR management, decision-making, talent development and employer branding, right through to issues of leadership, team building and coaching. Gain a 360º vision of Human Resources Management at a business school that will boost your career and help you open the doorways to your future. 

    We keep moving forward.
    The need for professional training is constant as the world around us is uncertain. In this new reality, we have developed protocols and methodologies in order to make sure that our students can continue to receive high quality education and keep developing professionally at our Madrid/Barcelona campuses, through virtual presence, using the Hybrid format or being anywhere in the world. We are a community committed to education, wellbeing and everyone’s safety.

    The reasons Why.
    To choose our Master in Human Resources and Talent Development
    We could give you loads more. We might mention key benefits such as employability, revitalizing your career, enhancing your visibility, and so on. But here is a list of five specific reasons that explain why taking the Master in Human Resources and Talent Developmentt is a safe bet:

    Passion and Transformation.
    We motivate you to strive to achieve your goal, enabling you to transform people, teams and companies. On the program, you will learn everything from the founding principles of Human Resources to the most innovative talent management techniques and the skills required to transform yourself, the team and the company.  

    Leadership, Technology and Collaboration.
    You have the option to round the Master off with a two-week summer program in Miami, at the Florida International University. The program covers the most innovative developments in conscious leadership, leading for transformational change, diversity and inclusion, among other trends in the sector.

    Boost your Career.
    Up to 85% of companies require Human Resources executive (5th Adecco Professional Report). Start opening up a wide range of doorways to opportunities with the support of our Professional Careers team.

    Close Ties to the Business World.
    International Talent Program: If you want to develop your career at an international level, make the most of your maximum visibility among the multinationals that work with EAE through employment workshops and interviews with headhunters and international consultants. 

    Get Certified!.
    The program includes the contents required for you to be able to sit and pass the examination to get certified by the Human Resources Certification Institute. Dare to triumph in this challenge and gain a valuable international accreditation.  


    Transforming and managing the people who make up the teams in companies generates huge benefits in a world in which talent and its development is a key source of value for the business. Therefore, it is essential to be equipped to embrace the new political, economic, social and environmental realities that affect the company and people within it.  

    The Master in Human Resources Management is a year-long full-time program that immerses students of human capital management in all the phases of the employment cycle, from recruitment, incorporation and time working at the company, right through to talent retention and professionals eventually leaving the organization. This requires companies to build a brand to attract people with talent and offer an attractive package to retain and grow with them. 

    The program is an intensive academic journey on which you will discover the aspects of one of the most innovative functional areas of a company, regardless of your profile and whether you aim to take on an executive leadership position or support role in human capital and talent management in an organization. Moreover, the program gives you the opportunity to gain an insight into the latest technological and organizational trends in Human Resources, as well as understanding its legal and operational complexity. 

    The program is divided into 4 main areas and a Minor that can be personalized with a free choice of courses. 

    What are you going to learn

    Strategic Talent Management: You will gain an in-depth insight into the development of the strategies that support the company’s goals from a people-centred perspective.  

    Human Resources Decisions: You will learn the key techniques and tools for taking advanced decisions. As a result, you will gradually gain a holistic vision of all the implications of these decisions in terms of the organization’s goals and the wellbeing of its employees.  

    Impact of HR Areas: You will discover the talent management’s influence on the organization and its results, embracing inclusion throughout the implementation of the organizational strategy to develop a competitive advantage more effectively. 

    Organizational Efficacy: You will develop the essential skills to lead HR, striving to generate the maximum commitment from people to achieve the company’s goals. 


    1. People Management.

    Developing the talent, executive skills and competences required to drive the changes needed in an organization. 

    2. Strategic Management.

    Gaining a command of all the different functions, including recruitment and selection, talent management, workforce planning, labour relations and staff administration. 

    3. Strategy.

    Designing a talent-centred strategy aligned with the company’s goals to anticipate future movements and contribute towards achieving the objectives set by the de HR Department.

    Course content:

    Our Faculty of International Experts
    To teach at one of the best business schools, you need to have a passion for teaching. Our lecturers have this passion in their DNA, but they are also executives and professionals with a sound knowledge of the current business reality, as well as researchers who contribute relevant knowledge through their studies and publications.

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