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Design Thinking (M.A.)

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Liliana Díaz

Liliana Díaz

Design Thinking (M.A.)

  • Modalidad de impartición
    La metodología en la que se dicta es presencial.
  • Número de horas
    Se lleva a cabo en un tiempo estimado de 3 a 4 meses conforme a los ECTS de cada postulantes.
  • Titulación oficial
    Tras concluir el programa, el estudiante se hará acreedor del título Design Thinking (M.A.).
  • Valoración del programa
    Design Thinking (M.A.) utiliza métodos y conceptos del campo de la creatividad para abordar diversos desafíos, tomando en cuenta la estrategia empresarial básica y las necesidades del cliente. El programa prepara a los estudiantes para pensar fuera de la caja e idear nuevas soluciones y/o mejoradas, sin perder de vista las necesidades de los usuarios y la creación de valor. El pensamiento en diseño es el núcleo de este programa. Se practica en equipos interdisciplinarios a través de proyectos integrando la gestión con la creatividad y la innovación.
  • Dirigido a
    Se orienta a profesionales egresados de diversas ramas de estudio interesados en las temáticas abordadas.
  • Empleabilidad
    A través de Design Thinking (M.A.), los graduados estarán calificados para numerosas oportunidades en organizaciones orientadas al diseño: agencias de publicidad, agencias de medios, casas de moda, corporaciones innovadoras y nuevas empresas.
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  • Contenido
    Design Thinking (M.A.) .

    Academic Degree : Master of Arts
    Duration of Study : 3 semesters for applicants with 210 ECTS // 3 semesters plus 1 Pre Semester course for applicants with 180 ECTS
    ECTS : 90, 30 (Pre-Semester)
    Location : Munich
    Language :  English
    Who can apply: This is a non-consecutive Master’s programme, i.e., it is open for students with undergraduate degree in diverse areas.
    Application process : Apply online with the following documents: University/B.A. degree with 210 ECTS (if you have only 180 ECTS, join the pre-semester to earn the required credits); an average grade of at least 2.5; TOEFL test (at least 72 out of 120) or IELTS (at least 6.0 out of 9); equivalent qualifications may also be accepted; curriculum vitae, letter of recommendation by your lecturer or employer and a motivation statement

    Drive human-centred innovation forward.

    Design thinking is no longer limited to the creative sector or function. It is a proven methodology of applying creative thinking to solve problems and design new solutions. Design Thinking uses methods and concepts from the creative field to tackle the most diverse challenges, without losing sight of the core business strategy and customer needs. 

    Today, design thinking has become a major strategic tool to drive innovation in companies. Innovative design focussed companies have laid the groundwork for its application by demonstrating how it can be used to design more appealing, intuitive and user-friendly products. Apple and Ideo are some successful examples. 

    Design thinking is applied in interdisciplinary projects where design and management are integrated to design innovative solutions. In order to successfully establish new products and services in the market, in addition to a deep understanding of customer requirements, the product teams must also consider profitability, technical feasibility and future developments. The Master’s programme in Design Thinking prepares you to think outside the box to devise improved and new solutions keeping the user needs and value creation at the centre. 

    Design Thinking (M.A.) teaches you the ability to learn from people, uncover patterns and apply design principles to discover optimal solutions. Do you want to improve products and services applying your creativity and user-orientation? Then the Master's degree Design Thinking (M.A.) is just the study programme for you.
    Content of the Master's in Design Thinking.

    In this programme, students are not exclusively trained for creative industries. Far beyond this, they are prepared to overcome the limitations in their own mind to solve a wide variety of problems. Students gain expertise in design thinking through specialized courses and projects as well as through the topic of their Master’s thesis. While working in teams on practical projects, the close interrelation of design thinking with marketing and management will be apparent. Students will learn to address the needs of diverse groups and keep an open mind while developing a positive attitude towards change and challenging themselves. Get a quick overview of the programme content below:
    • Design project management 
    • Framework of design management
    • Contemporary design theories and applied design strategy
    • Strategy and innovation processes
    • Leadership and Entrepreneurial thinking
    • Applied HCD and User Experience (UX) principles
    • Focus project and master’s thesis
    Your competencies after the Design Thinking (M.A.) .

    Application of design thinking is no longer limited to creative industry. It is widely used as an innovation tool in all types of companies globally. This means, with the M.A. in Design thinking, you will develop diverse competencies which open up unmatched professional opportunities in a wide range of areas.

    During your studies, you will learn to develop creative ideas and lead project teams through planning and execution. In addition to social and professional competencies, we place a strong emphasis on developing your abilities to work scientifically and apply proven methods.

    All these competencies are taught in practice, courses, lectures and case studies. With your master thesis, you will be able to apply and prove your knowledge in the topic of your choice. Students who study the Master degree in Design Thinking can work on study projects in the following areas:
    • Project management and project controlling
    • Design methods, models and theories
    • Linear models and interactive design
    • Leadership and self-management
    • User Experience Design and Design Systems
    • Design theory
    Potential careers with the M.A. degree in Design Thinking.

    With the Master's in Design Thinking, you qualify for numerous opportunities in design-oriented organizations. Potential employers could be advertising agencies, media houses, fashion houses, innovative corporations and start-ups. Some examples of potential future roles, among others, are:
    • Product Developer
    • Service Developer
    • Product Manager
    • Head of Design
    • Design Strategist
    • Creative Director
    • Design Researcher
    • Brand Manager

    Admission requirements and pre-semester

    1. University/B.A. degree with at least 210 ECTS.
    If you have only 180 ECTS, we offer you the option of obtaining the required extra 30 ECTS in a Pre-Semester course which you can complete in one of the following ways:
    • Attendance based pre-semester: This is an on-campus course that starts in the winter semester to ensure that you can join the master’s programme in the summer semester without any difficulty.
    • Online Pre-Semester: You can take the online pre-semester course in parallel with the first semester of your master’s course in the summer semester.
    2. English language proficiency.
    TOEFL test with at least 72 out of 120 points or IELTS with at least 6.0 out of 9 is required. Equivalent qualifications may also be accepted, as applicable. For more information, see how to apply .

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