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    Bachelor's Degree in International Business - On-Campus
    Modality: On-Campus
    Place: Querétaro
    Duration: The program lasts four years

    • Foreign Language Requirement:

    We understand that your English language proficiency is a valuable asset, and there are various ways to demonstrate it. Below, we've provided the minimum scores for each of the certifications we accept for validating your language proficiency: 

    3.5 - iTEP Academic | International Test of English Proficiency | Valid for 2 years. 

    5.5 - IELTS | International English Language Testing System. Pending. 

    43 PTE - PTE (Pearson Test of English Academic). | Online. 

    61 - TOEFL-Internet based | IBT | Valid for 2 years | With code. 

    • Information:

    Enter the international working world! Our degree is valid in the United States and Mexico, giving you international opportunities to work in different parts of the world without revalidation or additional paperwork.

    Today, it is essential for companies to have professionals who understand and respond effectively to global trade, industry, and business challenges. During this program, you will explore fundamental concepts of international trade, global finance, international expansion strategies, and legal aspects that govern operations in a globalized environment. This course will provide you with the tools you need to take advantage of opportunities in various sectors. In addition, by studying with us, you can become a professional with a degree valid in Mexico and the United States, opening up global opportunities. 

    • Aimed at:

    It is intended for people who have: 
    1. Interest in Global Issues.
    2. Communication Skills.
    3. Entrepreneurial Mentality.
    4. Cultural Curiosity.
    5. Adaptability and Resilience.

    • Employability:

    Business professionals work in all types of agencies and companies, such as: 

    * DELL
    * Bombardier 
    * Bayer
    * BIMBO
    * VW
    * NESTLÉ
    * APPLE
    * SONY

    • Comments:

    Degrees are valid in MEX and the USA, endorsed by The Higher Learning Commission and the Secretaría de Educación Pública. Both institutions endorse that our students will graduate with the highest level of university preparation and will provide you with international opportunities. 

    In addition, our academic programs have received accreditations from important institutions:

    *Higher Learning Commission (HLC): Biological Sciences, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Digital Technologies and Design, Strategic Communication, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Industrial Systems Engineering.

    *Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International): Business Administration, Economics, Finance, International Business, Marketing, Global Supply Chain Management. 

    • Objectives:

    1. Describe and understand the importance of using quantitative data precisely in business decision-making.
    2. Understand how the design of effective business plans contributes to profit maximization in a business context, both nationally and internationally. 
    3. Apply the strategies necessary to increase the business's competitive advantage in a national and international environment. 
    4. Use processes and legal knowledge to carry out the expansion of the company in the international environment. 
    5. Evaluate the benefits and challenges of national and international logistics for the company. 
    6. Develop effective business relationships in multicultural environments, considering cultural aspects, uses and traditions, and other factors relevant to business success.

    • Graduate´s profile:

    Discover your journey to success with our Bachelor of Science in International Business!
    If you consider yourself a person passionate about managing global trade and who enjoys collaborating across cultures, then this degree is for you. You will learn the secrets of international trade from concepts of economics, law, finance, statistics, accounting, marketing, market analysis, data analysis, and risk management. Your voice will be a key factor in developing worldwide partnerships, expanding market horizons, and defining the direction of global trade and economics. Your path to a brighter future begins here at Arkansas State University Querétaro.

    • Degree Plan:

    General Education

    First Year Experience — Business

    ° Composition I
    ° Composition II
    ° Oral Communication
    • Math Elective
    ° Life Science Elective
    ° Physical Science Elective
    ° Principles of Macroeconomics
    ° Social Science Elective
    ° U.S. History or U.S. Government Elective
    ° Fine Arts Elective
    ° Humanities Elective

    Business Core

    • Introduction To Financial Accounting
    • Introduction To Managerial I Accounting
    • Business Communication
    • Microcomputer Applications
    • Management Information Systems
    • Operations Management
    • Applied Statistics
    • Principles Of Microeconomics
    • Business Finance
    • Lego I Environment Business
    • Principles Of Management
    • Strategic Management
    • Marketing

    Foreign Language (German or French)

    ° Elementary language I
    ° Elementary language II
    ° Intermediate language I
    ° Intermediate language II

    International Business

    • Global E-Commerce
    • Internationa I Financial I Management and Banking
    • Export Policies and Procedures
    • Internationa I Marketing
    • International I Logistics and Outsourcing
    • Social Impact Management
    • Internationa I Management
    • Internationa I Business Elective

    General Electives

    ° 3 Courses in General Electives
    or a Completed Minor in Another Discipline

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