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    The Full-time MBA is designed to develop the skills necessary in assuming the responsibilities of top management. Participants will undergo a profound transformation as a result of this training, which requires a two-year commitment to professional and personal growth.

    IPADE’s participants get a boost from the Program that translates into greater performance in terms of their leadership skills, and they stand out among their peers due to their highly developed global business vision and a deep sense of the social mission that must accompany managing a business.  

    Through the MEDE Program, IPADE provides a deep and intense formative experience focused on building skills and transforming leaders via the case method and additional teaching tools.


    A top manager analyzes, diagnoses, and forges the future of a given organization. Where others see problems, the IPADE graduate finds solutions and opportunities. Our Full-time Master’s Program (MEDE) offers you an education that is both academic and humanistic, which develops your managerial potential and foments professional growth.

    Over the program’s 22 months, you will experience a transformation based on phases of learning. You start with a period of intellectual growth during which you will develop skills and knowledge about the technique and art of managing a company. In the next phase, you will put that knowledge into practice. Finally, you’ll be given the opportunity to have an international learning experience.
    At IPADE, you will find yourself among other highly talented young professionals in a global learning community that will challenge you to think beyond your limits. This community will prepare you for the complex responsibilities that come with leadership in the business world.  

    We hope to welcome you to our MEDE Program.​

    Case Method:

    By using the Case Method, participants hone their management skills by detecting, analyzing and diagnosing real business problems.
    This tool helps them develop their skills in order to make sound decisions, exercise their flexibility and open-mindedness, and constitute their strength of character that must accompany any policy action.
    Using the Case Method, instructional materials are analyzed (case studies) in relation to organizations that address, from different perspectives, real challenges that businessmen and women have faced. This process is divided into three stages: individual study, teamwork and a plenary session conducted by an expert teacher.
    Also, in IPADE, we complement this methodology with other teaching techniques such as lectures, films, simulations, planning workshops, negotiation exercises and by developing panels which feature some of the protagonists of the case studies who share business styles, which altogether goes towards strengthening the training of entrepreneurs in our country.


    ​Over the 22 months of IPADE’s MEDE Program, participants have the opportunity to learn, practice, and reinforce skills within an ethical and strategic process. They will make decisions in a controlled environment, and develop a global perspective on the current dynamic business culture. The MEDE is conducted 100% in English.
    First Year
    The Program’s first year is primarily oriented toward in-depth study of the different areas of management. During this period, participants acquire the technical management tools necessary for adequate management. Along with these hard skills, participants will learn about leadership and teamwork.  
    Summer Work
    Between the first and second year, participants have the opportunity to apply the knowledge they’ve gained during their first year by carrying out a professional project.  This project can either take the form of an internship a company or the development of a detailed business plan. In said project, participants are directed and evaluated by an IPADE professor, as well as by the company for which they work.

    Second Year
    The second year emphasizes development of global vision, strategic decision-making processes, and other so-called soft skills. During the fourth trimester, students choose where they want to experience their international exchange from among 40 international business schools. In the sixth trimester, they can choose four elective courses dealing with the latest global business tendencies.

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