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Master in Brand Design and Management: Food, Wine and Tourism
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IED Istituto Europeo di Design - sede Florencia

Master in Brand Design and Management: Food, Wine and Tourism - Florencia - Italia

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Master in Brand Design and Management: Food, Wine and Tourism - Florencia - Italia Comentarios sobre Master in Brand Design and Management: Food, Wine and Tourism - Florencia - Italia
Brand Design and Management: Food, Wine and Tourism.

Master - Florence.

Start date: March 2017
Duration: 11 months
Attendance: full-time
Language: English

Barcelona and Florence are two of the main touristic destinations in Europe, both of them attract tourist thanks to a unique blend between art, culture and a great quality of life and hospitality.
Nowadays launching and empower a brand in these fields needs transversal skills and a 360° vision. Territoriality is not a limitation anymore but a key value for being globally recognisable. Both Tuscany and Catalunya are regions that build their branding strategies on that value and they are succeeding in it.

Professional Opportunities

The goal of this Master is to implement and strengthen the skills required to take on important and strategic roles in Tourism, Food and Wine based Brands
The Master is also designed to train professionals in the construction and management of formats and services in the hospitality sector alongside management and communication experts in the Food & Wine sector.


One-year Dual Masters Course in Barcelona and Florence.

The overall aim of this course is to meet the growing demand for qualified professionals able to offer a new managerial approach to the tourism/food and beverage sector in the touristic/hospitality and catering industry. The course’s structure, which includes a detailed curricula based on Brand design and management, prepares future innovative professionals in the fields of tourism, hospitality, food and wine services.
The Master’s main goal is to encourage the development of professional proficiency by implementing an active approach based on “Learning by doing” that blends expertise and listening skills through both practical and theoretical methods related to “Design Thinking”. The aim is to train strategy and communication experts in identity-building and values related to brands in the food, wine and tourism industry.

The Master will be held in Barcelona and Florence, two cities bound by a long-standing history of tourism, wine and restaurant industry.

The Florence section of the Master Program in BRAND DESIGN AND MANAGEMENT: Food Wine and Tourism aims at the creation of a professional figure that is specialized in Brand Design Management in the Food, Beverage and Tourism fields. The courses focus on the specific abilities of managing the different steps of creating a Brand from the analysis of contents. The participants gain expertise in the fields of Brand and management for a wide range of different contests.
The Tourism industry is based upon a relation between Brand, hosts and guests which involves numerous variables. It is perhaps the fastest growing industry internationally and it plays an important role in local, regional and global economies. Hotels, restaurants, resorts, and conference venues, whether family or corporate run, are staffed with a wide selection of professionals Brand-oriented. The courses has the specific objectives to develop mental and professional skills for the participants who want to become experts of Strategic Planning, Branding and Communication in the fields of Tourism Food and Beverages.

If in Florence we put the bases to create a Brand Design Manager and Strategic Planner in the Food, Beverage and Tourism fields, once arrived to Barcelona students have the chance to face new challenges connected to Service Design and Project Manageent to reinforce their profile with innovation tools.
The industries related to tourism, food and wine are deeply connected to customers and their needs. A strategic planner in this field needs analysis’ capacity and critical thinking applied to user research to detect new business opportunities.
The courses are complemented with seminars, conferences and workshops given by international and highly recognized specialists. Visits to local realities are included in the study plan to show to the students the best practices of institutions, companies and brands related to Tourism, food and wine.

The full program is divided into 6 macro-areas.

Invited lecturers

Masa Kogure.
Founder Table4Two International

Francesco Sanapo.
Coffee expert


Area I - AREA MARKETING Florence.
The first part of the Master offers the possibility to know how some economic models - through which it is possible to understand the culture value - work. Systematically dealing with the single specific marketing tools, the potential of the culture as economic development asset will be shown.

It deals with the potential offered by the new communication technologies in order to develop social marketing campaigns 2.0 through specific communication and advertising tools according to the crossmedia principles.

This section of the program focuses on the communication chain analysing in detail events types and the role of press offices, PR, photographer and other roles involved. The module is comprised of the following units: Advertising Strategies, writing and press office, Graphic tools, Trade Fairs management, trend forecasting and Viral and digital Strategies.

The focus of this section is to learn different techniques and methodologies of Design Thinking applied to specific topics in services related to tourism, food and wine field. The aim is to explore the themes of design and management and how they work together. Focus on participants to employ lateral thinking (“thinking outside the box”) in approaching projects and problems.

Area V - SERVICE DESIGN - Barcelona.
In this section students acquire and refine all the necessary capacities to successfully conceptualize a hotel or restaurant as well as design the “services” required for each type of activity. Much attention is given to the study and use of the “Barcelona design system” for final project proposals.

Development of a final project in line with the course contents, typically involves the creation of an articulated project for a company. The final project can be developed individually or within a small group and generally recreates the relationship between commissioner and consulting studio. The goal of the final work is to be a transition from the study path to professional career. Past final work examples include the branding and marketing campaign analysis for a company or business, or the launch of a brand’s product in a new market, a communication campaign analysis, production process innovation, social media strategies and the complete development of an event.
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